Writing An Abortion Research Paper

Abortion is one of the most controversial subjects in the history of humankind. Its morality and legality have been tested for centuries with people having valid reasons either for and/or against the act of ending a normal pregnancy term before it is due.

Opinions are largely polarized and to write a good paper on the subject might demand a thorough literature review for an in-depth and well-researched paper. This is the only way possible that guarantees getting a good amount of the right supportive facts and arguments for you to write a great masterpiece.

Specifics of a research paper on abortion

Just like any other research paper, this type of research paper relies on the findings that you will get from your research. In short, you will be tasked with the analysis and interpretation of your resultant findings on the subject.

Given that research is broad and therefore highly varied, there are only two common types of research papers and these are analytical and argumentative.

  • Argumentative research requires students to state and defend their position in a thesis statement and convince the reader to adopt this point of view.
  • Analytical research requires students to establish a research question, take a neutral position on the subject, present information, and their findings in a well-supported critical analysis without convincing the reader to take any side on the topic.

Research is critical and is not an easy task as it may seem. However, its practice helps students to build on their opinions with strong supportive arguments.

Basic tips on writing your abortion research paper

Aborting remains a contentious issue that has split the opinion of many Americans since 1995 with arguments emanating from both moral and legal aspects of the practice. The two main reasons for diving public opinion on the topic include:

  1. Is abortion is morally acceptable?
  2. Should abortion be made legal or banned entirely?

These points might seem straightforward on the outside but I promise you that they are more complex than you might think. There are two very different camps and individuals who support the “pro-choice” position largely favor women’s right to choose to carry a full-term pregnancy or not. In general, they believe that abortion is acceptable.

Those who adopt a strict religious “pro-life” position on the topic believe that abortion is always wrong because the fetus has rights and should be treated similarly to any other human being.

For you to write a convincing argumentative abortion research paper, you have no choice but to take a stance either for “pro-life” or “pro-choice” sides and persuade your target audience to adopt your point of view

From an analytical perspective, you would be required to examine both sides of the topic, evaluate the most essential arguments, provide a balanced summary of the adopted approaches, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each argument and approach.

In summary, research writing is undoubtedly challenging especially if you have to write about a controversial topic such as abortion. You need to pay special attention to detail especially when carrying out your research, shaping up your arguments, and proofreading your final draft. We hope that our quick tips will help you get started on your copy easily.

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