Top Thirty History Research Document Subjects

History as a discipline has a tight connection to the idea of space and time. For most people, genuinely analyzing an event of interest must encompass knowledge on where and when the incident happened. By understanding the location and period, you can genuinely and effortlessly define the context of culture. You have to look for the happenings which took place before then understand the motivating factors for the occurrence you are researching. The provided best research paper writing guide and subject examples will reduce your confusion on how to write and choose a history research subject.

History Research Subjects 

Most students struggle with picking a history research subject that one can understand based on the number of exciting events that have happened to humanity over time. For you to pick an excellent history subject, consider the geographical location and period that interest you as a writer. It is because everyone has a preference that can stem from experiences that your friends or your elderly relatives had.  

You need to take care of if you are picking a location and period influenced by a film you recently watched or a novel you have read. Books and films have a substantial romantic influence; therefore, getting the facts about the era can be very challenging. But still, you can try, though, without the imagery created through the film or book unless they are real historical stories. It is even better to first read about past events and eras before reading or watching a book and film, respectively. You can quickly isolate differences and know what is real and false, then avoid them in your write-up.

Pick a historical subject that is within a hundred-year limit as the best of events ever analyzed happen during a single human lifespan. Such topics are wide enough to paint a comprehensive picture to your reader, yet don’t burden them with information. Further, it provides an option to study everything thoroughly.

History Subject Picks for Your Research Paper

  • Your Country’s industrial revolution and that of the rest of the world
  • Martin Luther’s speech impact
  • The impact of the revolution in France on the establishment of the democratic principles in the Country
  • The revolution in America and the establishment of the society in America
  • Causes, scars, and consequences of the Vietnam war
  • The making and letdown of the republic of Weimar
  • The foreign policy in America since the onset of the twenty-first century
  • The implications of the cold war on the planet
  • Hasting’s battle and the role it played in England’s history
  • Differences and similarities of Jihads and Crusades
  • The slavery abolition process and its significance to the world
  • Communism ideas and their impact across the globe
  • India’s British colonialism
  • The emergence of independent African nations
  • The Sacred Roman Empire
  • The hippie culture phenomenon and its impact
  • Education and monasteries in the middle era
  • Can the Japanese economic marvel be repeated?
  • China’s emergence and development
  • The Caribbean during the piracy period
  • Ancient Egypt’s conspicuous queens
  • The Roman empire’s culture compared with that of ancient Greece
  • Reasons why ancient Sparta differed so significantly with other cities?
  • The renaissance period trading routes
  • America’s colonization
  • The significance of sports and games during the ancient eras
  • The Pope’s political power during the Middle era


History research subjects can be fascinating, especially for those who appreciate the human past. For you to write an excellent paper, your choice of the subject matters as it acts as the springboard for outstanding research papers.

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