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Testimonials from Our Customers


“You guys are amazing.”

Lucio, Nova Scotia

“As a business student, the last thing I wanted to do, or cared to do, was write an essay on “how much I love art.” No thanks, I have a job to do.  Thanks for doing the work that’s literally beneath me!

Mei, Alaska

“Now that all my assignments are done, I can go on summer vacation with no worries!  Woo!”

James, Utah

“I was hit by a car while walking to school one day, and my professor never gave me an extension.  Well, while my broken leg heals, I’ll just get a great company to do it for me, teach!  Thanks!”

Erin, California

“I was doing my flight lessons and I completely forgot I had a paper due while I was in the air!  On my break, I mailed all the information about the essay I needed to write, and they got to work immediately.  Now I have a great essay and more time to fly.  Thanks so much!”

Pharah, Texas

“When you take six classes at once, sometimes you have to pick and choose what essays are the best and what projects you can let slide.  This wasn’t one of those times – I needed desperately do get them all done, but didn’t have the time. gave me the time and space I needed to do a great job on the most important pieces while still giving me something great to hand in.  Thank you forever!”

Grant, UK

“I was helping my girlfriend at her job in a factory one day and hurt myself accidently.  I wasn’t in too much pain, but I couldn’t get around, so getting to the library to study was absolutely no go.  I asked for help, and they gave it.”

Reece, Ireland

“I’m a server and sometimes I just get so stressed from work that I come home and just fall apart.  I had a huge essay due one particularly stressful week and I just couldn’t handle it. gave me the time and space I needed to relax and let my life settle back down.”

Sarah, Saskatchewan

“Now I can get back out and drink with the boys! Best. Service. Ever!”

Connor, Montana

“Would absolutely recommend these professionals to anyone, and would definitely use again.”</p>  Gemaine, New Zealand

“100% satisfied. A+++!”

Brett, Australia

“I can’t believe how easy it all was.  Just a few clicks and I get an A in my class.  I just can’t believe it!”</p>
Mark, Nevada<p>“My parents need a lot of help on the farm, and sometimes I just can’t get my homework done.  When I had three big assignments due the same day, I turned to for help, and they helped me more than they’ll ever know!”

Lacey, Manitoba

“I’m a bartender at an upscale joint, and I’m much more interested in serving great drinks than I am in AncientGreek Customs.  Thanks for getting that out of the way for me.”

Kyle, Oregon

“I’ve never used a better service – for anything!”

Henry, Illinois



I had a hard time finishing my English term paper and started looking for a professional custom writing company online. I was lucky to find NextWriting – this firm exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend to all college students in need of help.


Being a junior student in college, I've tried a few writing services before – none of them is even close to NextWriting. I was able to talk to my writer on the phone and discuss all the details. As a result I got an A+ for my essay. Thank you all!


I would like to say that your staff saved my grade and my entire academic life. I was very sick and simply could not write a single word for my final essay. My writer wrote a beautiful paper that my teacher considered the best in class. I am very happy!

Jack (CT), May 2016

Sarah (NJ), July 2016

Thomas (SC), January 2016

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